Wild Country Tires For The Tough Boys

wild country tiresWild Country tires are a private brand for tires that are manufactured by many other tire brands and manufacturers. It is said that wild country tires are for those who mean serious business when it comes to off-road driving;

Wild country tires are known for their aggressive tread patterns. Be it any challenging terrain, ranging from swampy, boggy to rocky roads, wild Country tires are there to make your life easy.

Not a well known fact but worth mentioning fact is that wild country tires is the registered mark for TBC trademarks LLC.

Wild Country tires on off-road terrains

These tires are not only well suited for normal off-road rides but are also ideal for automotive sports like rock crawling, sand racing or mud plowing etc. These tires are highly competent when it comes to removing mud from the lugs and provide a good grip as well as ideal tire spin in muddy areas.

Because of a different tread design it ends up biting better into the mud, making it easy to balance the vehicle in tricky terrains.

Types of Wild country tires

There are many kinds of wild country tires depending on the purpose for which they are to be bought. Some of them are as follows:

  • Wild country sport XHT- it is a premium highway tire suitable for challenging terrains
  • Wild country XTX sport – it is an all terrain tire for both on road and off road rides. It is Best suited for your sports utility vehicles
  • Wild country XTX SPORTS LT- it is like the above mentioned tire but has better traction capabilities
  • Wild Country XRT II – it is an all season tire mainly for off road terrains
  • Wild country XRT III – it is a light truck tire for all seasons and meant for both on road and off road purposes.
  • Wild country TXR extreme – is a tough looking rugged tire and has the capability for an all surface traction
  • Wild country Radial MTX- this one is a mud traction tire; wild country brand is best known for these mud tires. It has special tread design for off road rides
Wild country tires price

Wild country tires are available at very reasonable and competitive prices as compared to other brands. You can find them for $105 on ebay as well. On an average the price for a wild country tire would be around $266. These tires not only perform like any other tire brand but also suit your pocket.

Shop for Wild country tires

Wild country tires are easily available online and many tire dealers would have it; but to name a few you can find wild country tires online at these places:

  • Multi Mile tires (visit their website for details)
  • J C Whitney (available on their website)
  • Ebay’s website online
  • Andy’s Discount
Wild country tires feedback

Consumer feedback on wild country tires at online forums is exceptional. People using wild country tires are highly satisfied with its performance and are getting value for money by spending on these tires. Before buying any of these tires do read the reviews available online; you will not have second thoughts and will be tempted to buy them for your vehicle.

Go wild with wild country tires both off road and on road. Enjoy the stylized robust look with magnificent performance and durability.

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